Please join us in celebrating our Grand Opening on July 13th, 2023 from 4-7 pm! We have a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony through the Oakdale Area Chamber of Commerce at 4:30 pm. Appetizers and beverages will be served. We are also going to have a raffle, and will be collecting donations to help support 2 very hard working acupuncturists in Ukraine who are offering services to soldiers with concussions, traumatic brain injuries, PTSD and other injuries.

Clinic Location: 11550 Stillwater Blvd N. Suite 101, Lake Elmo MN 55042

We have been hard at work behind the scenes these last 4 months with getting our new clinic up and running in Lake Elmo Minnesota. We officially moved into our new space May 8th, and are now ready to celebrate! Our new clinic is located in a unique building featuring a gorgeous atrium full of tropical plants and natural sunlight. It will be a true escape come wintertime, and provides a healing space year-round.

Florence Nightingale, the iconic figure known as the founder of modern nursing, dedicated her life to revolutionizing healthcare practices. Beyond her notable contributions to nursing, Nightingale made an intriguing discovery that patients healed faster when they were exposed to natural light and had rooms with windows overlooking nature.

We’ve embraced this wisdom in our clinic. Each room offers natural light through our large windows with views of nature and mature trees. Our waiting room also gets beautiful light that comes in through skylights in the atrium. We couldn’t have asked for a more healing environment to move our clinic.

Image of a front reception desk with emerald green wall behind it, and gold logo for Healing Response AcupuncturePlease join us in celebrating this unique space. We look forward to being part of the Lake Elmo community. If you have any questions, please visit our contact page for more information. If you would like to schedule an appointment we have online scheduling available here.

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